SSLC Summer Fun

Come to Toronto or Victoria and join us for a summer of excitement and adventure at SSLC Summer Fun.

SSLC Summer Fun is a combination of part-time English studies and activities that are designed to both enhance students’ English skills while providing them with the opportunity to explore and enjoy the many sights and attractions that both cities have to offer.

With friends from all around the world, students will study English in the morning and in the afternoon go on a variety of fun and exciting trips.


The program is offered at 2 locations: SSLC Toronto Campus and SSLC Victoria Campus. Regardless of the location that students choose, they will love the good mix of intensive English language studies in the morning, and the fun-filled activities in the afternoon where they have a chance to use their newly-acquired English skills.

The types of activities may vary depending on the location and availability. For specific types of activities and other details, please speak with our SSLC marketing staff or check out the SSLC Summer Fun Flyers.


  • 14 to 19


  • Toronto & Victoria


  • 2,3, 0r 4 weeks

Start Dates:

  • July 2nd, every Monday


  • Homestay (single room)
    • Three meals per day included.
  • Groups must be accompanied by a chaperone


  • Monday to Saturday

Airport Pick-up and Drop Off:

  • Yes

English Classes:

  • 15 hours per week


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • SSLC Summer Fun ESL Certificate

Activities are scheduled around each city’s attractions and based on the suitability for the age group.

Please note that some of the activities may be subject to change.


  • Niagara Falls trip (Toronto)
  • Butchart Gardens day trip (Victoria)