• Location

    Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

  • Interesting Facts

    A teaching university with a focus on excellence, UFV offers more than 100 programs, including two masters degrees, 15 bachelor degrees, majors, minors, and extended minors in more than 30 subject areas, and more than a dozen trades and technology programs.

    In addition, UFV gives many scholarships to top academic international students.

    There is no additional application form for scholarships and international students will be notified if they have won a scholarship when granted admission to UFV.

  • Average Tuition Per Year

    Approximately $15,600

  • Average Cost Of Supplies / Books Per Year

    Approximately $1,200

  • Ranking

    In the 2012 Globe and Mail Canadian University Report, UFV earned the most A’s and A+’s of any public university in the province.

    UFV was at the top of the list in the small universities category, earning an A grade in the following areas:

    • most satisfied students
    • quality of education, and teaching
    • student-faculty interaction

    UFV also earned an A+ in class size.

  • Accommodations And Housing

    On-campus housing and off-campus home stays and housing are available.

  • Employment Opportunities

    UFV provides international students with several opportunities to work while they study.

    There is a cooperative education program within several academic programs that allows students to alternate full-time study semesters with paid full-time work semesters in their desired career field and many student jobs are offered on campus.

    UFV also offers short and longer term internships and practicums in several programs.

    UFV students are extremely successful in finding employment after doing the co-op program and taking advantage of all of the opportunities on campus and through UFV`s career centre.

  • Popular Programs

    • Arts and Sciences
    • Business
    • Criminal Justice
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Data Analysis
    • Event Management
    • Global Development Studies
    • Hospitality and Event Management
    • Kinesiology
    • Mechatronics
  • Total Number Of Students

    16,000 (approximately)

  • Total Number Of International Students

    900 (approximately)

  • Program Required At SSLC

    IEPE with 75% overall or EPE with 75% overall

  • Program Required At Institution

    Foundation Level 1 + 1 Credit Course through IEPE or Foundation Level 2 + 3 Credit Courses through EPE.

  • Application Process

    With help from your SSLC Pathway Advisor:

    1. Complete the application form (online).
    2. Upload or mail the required documents.
    3. Pay the application fee ($150).
    4. Wait for the conditional letter of acceptance.
    5. Pay the tuition deposit.
    6. Receive the full letter of acceptance.
  • Application Documents

    Primary requirements:

    • A completed application form (online).
    • Official transcripts and certificates from Secondary / Post-Secondary Institutions.
    • A scan or photocopy of your passport.
  • Application Dates And Deadlines

    • September (April 1st deadline)
    • January (October 1st deadline)
    • May (February 1st deadline)
  • CLOA Wait Time


    * May vary depending on number of applicants.

  • Deposit Information

    First term tuition and fee deposit (approximately $8700) upon receiving the conditional letter of acceptance.

Business, Management & Finance

Undergraduate Diploma or Certificate

  • Accounting – Certificate
  • Applied Business Technology – Certificate
  • Bookkeeping for Small Business – Certificate
  • Business Administration – Diploma (Co-op)
  • Marketing and Sales – Certificate

Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

Business Administration (Co-op):

  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Studies

Business Administration:

  • Agriculture Management
  • Trades Management
  • Aviation

Graduate Certificate

  • Management Post-Degree (Certificate)

Healthcare, Education & Community

Undergraduate Diploma or Certificate

  • Community Support Worker – Certificate
  • Early Childhood Education – Certificate
  • Family Childcare – Certificate
  • Social Services – Diploma
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) – Certificate

Early Childhood Education – Diploma:

  • Special Needs
  • Infancy

Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

  • Arts in Child and Youth Care
    • Child Welfare Specialization
    • Child Life Professional
  • Kinesiology Social Work
    • Child Welfare

Graduate Certificate

  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Engineering, Science & Technology

Undergraduate Diploma or Certificate

  • Agriculture Technology – Diploma
  • Animation Arts – Certificate
  • Aviation – Diploma
  • Berry Production Essentials – Certificate
  • CISCO Networking and Network Security – Certificate
  • Computer Information Systems – Diploma (Co-op)
  • Computer Information Systems – Certificate
  • Current Agricultural Practices Essentials – Certificate
  • Engineering Physics – Mechatronics  – Diploma
  • Field Vegetable Production Essentials – Certificate
  • Geographic Information Systems – Certificate
  • Horticulture Crop Production and Protection – Certificate
  • Library and Information Technology – Diploma (Co-op)
  • Livestock Production – Certificate

Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

  • Computer Information Systems (Co-op)
  • Security
  • Software Development
  • Systems and Networking
  • Science (Co-op)
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Geography
    • Physics

* Science (2-year Associate Degree)

Graduate Certificate

  • Data Analysis – Post-Degree Certificate

Social Sciences & Humanities

Undergraduate Diploma or Certificate

  • Criminal Justice – Diploma
  • Criminal Justice – Diploma
    • BCIT Forensics transfer option
  • Early Modern Studies – Certificate
  • Introduction to Journalism – Certificate
  • India – Canada Studies – Certificate
  • Liberal Arts – Diploma
  • Mennonite Studies – Certificate
  • Media Literacy – Certificate
  • Portfolio Essentials – Certificate
  • Professional Communication Essentials – Certificate

Graduate Certificate

  • Data Analysis – Post-Degree Certificate

Art, Design & Media

Undergraduate Diploma or Certificate

  • Graphic and Digital Design – Diploma
  • Theatre Arts – Diploma
  • Visual Arts – Diploma

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree

  • Art History
  • Creative Writing
  • Drawing
  • Graphic and Digital Design
  • Media Communication Studies
  • Painting
  • Print Media
  • Photography
  • Sculpture Theatre
  • Theatre
  • Video
  • Visual Arts


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