Come study with SSLC and we can help you get into a College or University in Canada, the United States or the United Kingdom!

SSLC offers two academic programs: Intermediate English for Post-Secondary Education (IEPE) and English for Post-Secondary Education (EPE), which will help prepare you with College and University level skills.

SSLC Benefits and Services

Assistance and Training:

SSLC is committed to ensuring you achieve all your academic goals. With the help of excellent teachers, knowledgeable academic advisors and helpful staff, your path to a college or university will be a smooth one.

No TOEFL® / IELTS Requirement:

Access to many SSLC partner colleges and universities WITHOUT an IELTS or TOEFL® score.

Free Application Assistance:

Step-by-step guidance and information for entering university or college, along with FREE application services to any school of your choice

Free Additional Pathway Support:

  • Free online feedback on assignments.
  • Organized college/university discussion groups.

Academic Training:

Comprehensive preparation for post–secondary studies in Canada and the United States

CLOA and LOA Support:

SSLC will help you obtain a conditional and full letter of acceptance to the school of your choice.

Additional Learning:

SSLC academic services are available to our students, such as extra classes, workshops and seminars related to post-secondary skills.

College / University Advisors:

At every SSLC campus, you will have the support of academic and college/university advisors to help you with any post-secondary questions or problems.

  • Specialized Guest speakers and fields trips
  • Visits from college and university staff

How It Works:

  1. Contact your local SSLC Representative.
  2. Select one of our college or university pathway partners.
  3. Complete the college or university paper / online application.
  4. Prepare and submit all documentation to your local SSLC Representative.