Rainbow Kitchen

Rainbow Kitchen
SSLC Victoria
SSLC Victroria


During the holiday season, SSLC Victoria continued the tradition of donating food and clothing for the less fortunate. This idea was originally organized by one of our teachers who takes pride in always making sure this event is known to all the students. This year we left some boxes under the Christmas tree and asked students, teachers and staff if they could donate anything that would be helpful at this time of year. We were looking for anything from non-perishable foods to warm clothing to survive the Canadian winter. The students at SSLC Victoria also did not forget about being generous to people in need. We collected enough food and clothing to donate to Rainbow Kitchen. We would like to continue this type of activity throughout the rest of the year so that we can help people more than just the holidays. Lastly, we would like to thank all those who donated!

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