Learning English and The Black Hole

Learning English and The Black Hole

If you haven’t seen or heard it yet, scientists have captured the first ever picture of a Black Hole. Read this article by CNN and get caught up! Now here at SSLC, we realized learning English is like trying to take the first picture of a Black Hole. Not that learning English is a force that will suck the life out of you but it is a long rewarding process that involves a lot of preparation-which will lead to the world seeing how amazing you truly are. Check out the list below to see why!


sslc learning english black hole


1.) A lot of Preparation

Although the picture was announced the other day the efforts of this achievement started way back in April of 2017. Over 200 researchers worldwide worked together with the same goal of capturing the image that we see today. Just like your journey to learning English, there needs to be a starting point. This skill is really sought out by companies across the globe that is why preparation is important. You need to have teachers that will be on the same page as you and help you reach your goal in the future. SSLC has the teachers, staff, and classes to work with you to achieve all this.


2.) A lot of Options

Capturing the image involved a lot of arrays and telescopes from different parts of the world. To get an idea of how many, these are the arrays and telescopes used: ALMA, APEX, the IRAM 30-meter telescope, the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, the Large Millimeter Telescope Alfonso Serrano, the Submillimeter Array, the Submillimeter Telescope and the South Pole Telescope. That list was definitely a mouthful. Nonetheless, like learning English you have many options for schools and programs to help you attain your goal. You can take your ESL here, IELTS there and then graduate. Fortunately, SSLC offers many English programs in all of our campuses across Canada. You can start with general ESL then move to Power Speaking & Modern Media (PMM) or take on our IELTS program or any of our other English programs. All these options put together can lead you to your goal of being an English-speaking master.


3.) A lot of Opportunities

Sheperd Doeleman, the lead director of the project said it best “We have seen what we thought was unseeable”. Connecting this to the Black Hole image is simple. Usually, what hinders us from taking on this goal of learning English is the realization of how challenging it can be rather than the rewarding conclusion at the end. If you put in all the hard work and dedication you too can see that what you couldn’t picture before becoming reality. SSLC wants to help you achieve your goal. We have the teachers and the programs, we just need you.


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