• Location

    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

  • Interesting Facts

    Ranked number one amongst Canadian public universities in areas of “Level of Academic Challenge” and “Active and Collaborative Learning” by the National Survey of Student Engagement, Maclean’s Magazine 2010 – 2012.

    Royal Roads Universities Campus is a former military college and a National Historic Site with 100 year old Hatley Castle at its centre and has acres of ocean front forest and amazing formal gardens.

  • Average Tuition Per Year

    • $16,800 per year (undergraduate)
    • $29,000 – $31,000 for the entire Masters Degree
  • Average Cost Of Supplies / Books Per Year

    $250 – $300

  • Ranking

    Ranked #1 in Canada for student experience, active / collaborative learning and level of academic challenge.

  • Accommodations And Housing

    Off-campus homestay and private accommodations arranged through the ISC.

  • Post-Graduate Work Permit / Co-Op Availability

    Work Permit

  • Employment Opportunities

    Very high rate of employment with opportunity for post-graduate work permits.

    Programs are market driven for the specific intention that graduates will be employed in high-demand sectors.

  • Popular Programs

    • Business
    • International Hotel Management
    • Global Tourism Management
    • Professional Communication
    • Justice Studies
  • Total Number Of Students

    Approximately 5,300

  • Total Number Of International Students

    Approximately 240

  • Program Required At SSLC

    • Level 5 or EPE
      • Bachelor Year 1 Undergraduate
      • Pre-Masters Graduate
  • Program Required At Institution


    Placement test required only for year one.

  • Application Process

    With help from your SSLC Pathway Advisor:

    1. Complete the application form (paper-based).
    2. Scan application and all materials / documents for application.
    3. Wait for the conditional letter of acceptance.
    4. Complete the required SSLC Program.
    5. Receive the full letter of acceptance.
  • Application Documents

    Primary requirements:

    • A completed application form.
    • Application processing fee.
      • FREE for SSLC Students.
    • Scanned copy of official transcripts and certificates from Secondary / Post-Secondary Institutions.
    • A SSLC letter of acceptance.
    • A photocopy of your passport page.
    • A photocopy of your current study permit (where applicable).
    • A CV or Resume (for graduate programs only).
    • Statement of purpose (for graduate programs only).
    • 2 Recommendation letters (for graduate programs only).
  • Application Dates And Deadlines

    • September (rolling intake – undergraduate)
    • January (rolling intake – undergraduate)
    • May (EAP, UBP, PMP) (rolling intake – undergraduate)


    Graduate Programs;

    • Pre-Masters (January – October 30th Deadline and May – March 30th Deadline)
    • Masters of Global management (May 0 October 30th Deadline and September – March 30th Deadline)
    • Masters of Arts in Tourism Management (May – October 30th Deadline)
    • Masters of Arts in International Communication (May – October 30th Deadline)
  • CLOA Wait Time

    • 2-Days – Undergraduate
    • 2-Months – Graduate

    * May vary depending on number of applicants.

  • Deposit Information

    $2,000 CAD

Business, Management & Finance

Business Administration Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

  • Sustainability & International Business

Business Administration Graduate Masters Degree

  • Global Management

Commerce Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

  • Entrepreneurial Management

Hospitality & Tourism

Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

  • Global Tourism Management
  • International Hotel Management

Graduate Masters Degree

  • Tourism Management

Social Science & Humanities

Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

  • Personal Communication
  • Justice Studies

Graduate Masters Degree

  • Intercultural Communications


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