Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

To continually advance SSLC as an innovative and dynamic international
college; inspiring continual growth and achievement towards the language
enrichment of students within Canada, and around the world.

  • Innovative and Dynamic – Engage students through the use of customized curriculum, student-centered learning, and a unique, flexible approach to language education.
  • Inspiring – Motivate and empower students to succeed within a multicultural learning environment, guided by culturally aware, approachable staff.
  • Achievement – Foster language learning progression so our graduates
    attain the educational goals that are necessary to excel in their communities and in the global marketplace.

Our Core Values

  • Commitment to the most advanced industry standards
  • Concern for the total well-being of our students
  • Fairness in treating our employees
  • Flexibility in dealing with change
  • Integrity and respect in dealing with other cultures
SSLC - Sprott Shaw Language College