Waseem (Saudi Arabia)

As a student who wants to become a pilot, it helps me to understand skills
and knowledge related to airline businesses.

The course is recommended to, not only students who want to become an airline cabin crew member but it is also strongly recommended to any students who want to work in the airline business, even as an aircraft engineer.

The course curriculum is well organized and structured.

Also, the materials we use in the class are informative and practical.


Sarah (Switzerland)

I didn’t know what place to choose, but my friends who have been in Canada before recommended to me Vancouver, as it’s a very beautiful city. Before I had a chance to come here I haven’t practiced my English for 5 years. I worked for a few years back in Switzerland and started to feel certain stagnation, loose the sense of perspective. I felt like I need to improve myself. So the decision to study in ESL school came to me somewhat naturally, since no matter where I’m going to work in the future, knowledge of English would definitely benefit me. Unlike most of the schools, here I had a chance to learn the language in a very relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. It allowed studying better and learning the material much faster. Having one-on-one Cambridge classes gave me a tremendous improvement in my grammar and speaking skills. The most important advice that I can give to future students is to have fun along with learning things. For me taking part in school’s activities was very important in overcoming the language barrier. Informal settings, activities with fellow international students and teachers help with being more open to communication which is the key to feel comfortable with speaking English.

Yuko (Japan)

People are friendly in Victoria and it is a calm city. I really enjoy the ocean and the mountains. My teachers in SSLC Victoria are very kind and generous. I am returning to University in Japan and hope to find a career where my English will be of value.

Rafael (Brazil)

I believe that there are many benefits to learning English and that the ability to speak a second language is an important skill. I wanted to travel internationally while improving my English and Canada is so beautiful. Some of my Brazilian friends came to study here and they loved it, so I picked SSLC Toronto because it’s located in a big, multicultural city. There is so much to see. Many people in Brazil speak English, and it is important to have that skill when entering the job market. I am thinking of becoming an engineer, and I will need to know English in order to do that. I also like to go out on the town and meet new friends, so this will help me to connect with even more people. My teacher Chris asks us students to work together which makes class interesting. The staff is helpful and easy to talk to. Everyone here seems to be friends and I like the way the SSLC staff share and have fun with each other. Toronto is different than any other city I have visited because there are so many sights. My Homestay family is welcoming and I love living with them. The students signed and wrote messages for each other on some Canada flags to take home with us and put on our walls. I will keep in contact with the international friends I have made on Skype and Facebook.

Geon (South Korea)

When the time came to decide what to do after the high school my parents suggested me to go to another country to learn English. Since my sister is living in Vancouver for 7 years it was an easy choice for me to make. Besides I heard that Vancouver has the best weather in all of the Canada. I decided that it will be a first step to college. The most memorable thing about the school is that it has a wonderful atmosphere. In Korea I didn’t have a chance to make friends with international students. Here I have friends from Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Germany and many other countries. SSLC allowed me to prepare myself for the IELTS exam needed for the college. I would like to wish future students to be open to new experiences and do as much activities as you can!