• Location

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Interesting Facts

    John Casablancas was an American modelling agent and scout who founded Elite Model Management.

    Casablancas is credited for developing the concept of a supermodel, turning models into celebrities that were featured in mass media as personalities rather than just faces.

  • Average Tuition (Full Program)

    $16,100 – $20,100

  • Average Cost Of Supplies / Books Per Year

    $600 – $4,000

  • Ranking

    JCI Students and Graduates have won many awards in domestic and international Makeup and Hair Competitions.

  • Accommodations And Housing

    We can refer students to various homestay providers and realtors

  • Work Permit / Co-Op Availability

    • Off campus work permit
      • International students can work up to 20 hours per week
    • Internship
      • Fashion Business and Creative Arts Diploma program
    • Work Experience
      • Hair Design Diploma program
      • Body Spa Esthetics Diploma program
    • Volunteer Experience (Retials and Film)
      • Make Up Artistry Diploma program
  • Employment Opportunities

    90 to 95% job rate within 6-months of graduation

  • Popular Programs

    • Make Up Artistry Diploma program
    • Hair Design Diploma program
  • Total Number Of Students


  • Total Number Of International Students

    5% of total student population

  • Program Required At SSLC

    • ESL Level 4 or 1 month of IEPE
      • FAB Make Up Certificate
      • Make Up Artistry Diploma
    • ESL Level 4 or 2 months of IEPE
      • Hair Art Design
      • Body Spa Esthetics Diploma
    • 1 month of ESL Level 5 or IEPE
      • Fashion Business
      • Creative Arts Diploma
  • Program Required At Institution


  • Application Process

    With help from your SSLC Pathway Advisor:

    1. Complete the application form (paper-based).
    2. Pay the deposit ($500).
    3. Mail or e-mail the required documents.
    4. Wait for the conditional letter of acceptance.
    5. Complete the required SSLC Program.
    6. Receive the full letter of acceptance.
  • Application Documents

    Primary requirements:

    • A completed application form.
    • $500 deposit.
    • Official transcripts and certificates from Secondary / Post-Secondary Institutions.
    • A recommendation letter from SSLC or your agent.
    • A photocopy of your passport page.
    • A letter of intent.
    • A SSLC letter of acceptance.
  • Application Dates And Deadlines

    Multiple intakes per year depending on the program.

    No deadlines as each program is based on seat availability.

  • CLOA Wait Time


    * May vary depending on number of applicants.

  • Deposit Information

    $500 non-refundable deposit to hold the seat.

    Must be paid before obtaining the conditional letter of acceptance.

Arts, Design & Media Diploma

  • Make Up Artistry Diploma Program
  • Hair Design Diploma Program

Business, Management & Finance Diploma or Certificate

  • Fashion & Beauty (FAB) Make Up Certificate Program
  • Fashion Business & Creative Arts Diploma Program

Health Care Diploma

  • Body Spa Esthetics Diploma Program


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