Definitions: “Trunk”

Definitions: “Trunk”

SSLC understands that learning the English language is a challenging, fun and rewarding process. Perfecting this skill is proven to be useful in almost every career. If English is in the top three most common languages to speak why is it a little bit “tricky” to learn? It’s helpful to know that some words in the English language have multiple meanings and this article is meant to help you understand what some of those words are.


Today’s word is TRUNK [truhngk] noun. states the word ‘trunk’ has 14 different definitions, but for this article, we will focus on the 5 most common uses of the word.


Tree Trunk, learning the english language
Tree Trunk


The first definition of the word ‘trunk’ is the main stem of a tree. The huge body of wood that the branches and roots connect to.

Sentence: “Squirrels are always climbing that tree trunk.”


Elephant Trunk, learning the english language
Elephant Trunk


The second common definition of the word ‘trunk’ is the long and flexible nose of an elephant.

Sentence: “The elephant uses its long and mighty trunk to grab food in hard to reach places.”


Trunk Case, learning the english language
Trunk Case


The third common definition of the word ‘trunk’ comes in the form of storage. The word trunk sometimes refers to a sturdy box or chest that is meant to store or transport items.

Sentence: “The brave soldier has a trunk filled with their belongings.”


Car Trunk, learning the english language
Car Trunk


The fourth common definition also deals with storage. ‘Trunk’ can also refer to the compartment that is usually in the rear of a car that normally holds groceries, luggage and other things.

Sentence: “Please grab the groceries that are in the trunk of the car.”


Swimming Trunks, learning the english language
Swimming Trunks


Lastly, the fifth common version of the word ‘trunk’ comes in the form of fashion. You can add an ‘s’ at the end of the word and change it to ‘trunks’. Trunks are a form of loose-fitting shorts that is usually used for swimming or boxing.

Sentence: “I can’t wait to use my new red swimming trunks when we go to the beach.”


Learning the English language is a lot more than just definitions. Understanding and studying these words will definitely help with your grammar and sentence structure. If you are serious about improving your English and want to see Canada along the way, look at what Sprott Shaw Language College has to offer.