Toronto Summer Fun

Come to Canada’s largest city and join us for a summer of excitement and adventure.

Toronto’s Summer Fun is a combination of English studies and Activities that are designed to both enhance student’s English skills while providing them with the opportunity to explore and enjoy the many sights and attractions that a world-class city has to offer.

With friends from all around the world, students will study in our innovative flexible level system in the morning and in the afternoon go on a variety of fun and exciting trips.

Students will love viewing the city of Toronto from 350 meters up in the world-famous CN tower or awe at the power of the 168,000 cubic meters of water plummeting over the Niagara Falls or even watch medieval knights battling it out on the stadium floor below them.

These are just a few of many activities that students will get a chance to experience at the Toronto Summer Fun Program.


  • 12 to 17


  • Toronto, Ontario


  • July 4th to August 5th (two to four weeks)


  • Homestay (single room)
    • Three meals per day included.
  • Residence (for groups only)
    • Must be accompanied by a chaperone.


  • Monday to Saturday

Airport Pick-up and Drop Off:

  • Yes


  • Certificate of Completion

Start Dates:

  • July 4th
  • July 10th
  • July 17th
  • July 24th
  • Medieval Times Tournament and Dinner
  • CN Tower
  • Niagara Falls
  • Canada's Wonderland
  • Afternoon SPorts
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Casa Loma
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Bowling
  • Movie Night
  • Talent Show
  • Laser Tag
  • Shopping Trips
  • Extreme AIr Park
  • Sports Day and BBQ
  • Centre Island Picnic and Swimming
  • City Tour
  • Wild Water Kingdom

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